Frequently asked questions and answers about our pickup program:


1. When will I receive my first pickup?

Once you officially sign-up for service, we will email you with your pickup date of the month, recycling instructions, and all that jazz! You will receive your empty crate(s) on Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the week that you placed your order.  

2. How do I change the address for pickup?

Please just shoot us an email at pickups@glasshalffull.co with your new address and we'll get it changed for you! If you are moving neighborhoods, there's a chance your monthly pickup date may change. If that's the case, we will reach out to you shortly with your new pickup date.

 3. What do I do with the tops, caps, and corks?

Please remove tops, caps, and corks from your glass bottles -- they damage and jam up our precious crushing-machinery. If you'd like for us to recycle them, please place them in an envelope or bag and place it on top of your glass. 

4. I missed a pickup! What do I do? 

No worries! If you'd like for us to swing by and collect your glass for the month, just shoot us an email at pickups@glasshalffull.co and we'll swing by and collect it later in the week. 

5. What happens if I sign-up and I'm not currently in your area of service?

Unfortunately, that means we're not yet in your neighborhood. We will promptly process a refund/cancelation for the order and add you the the waiting list. Once enough folks in your neighborhood signup for the waiting list, we'll get you signed up! Click here to add your name to the waiting list. 

6. Will you accept broken glass?

Yes, however we ask that you place all glass shards in a separate, recyclable receptacle (such as a paper bag) for safety purposes.

7. I will be out of town during my scheduled pickup date. Can I reschedule?

Please let us know prior to your scheduled pickup if you will be out of town on that day. Contact pickups@glasshalffull.co to either waive the monthly fee or reschedule your pickup.

8. Is it possible to pause my subscription?

Yes. Please contact us at pickups@glasshalffull.co to temporarily suspend your glass pickup.

9. How do I cancel my subscription?

Please head on over to glasshalffullpickups.com and click either your name or the login button on the very top of the website. From there, click "Cancel Subscription". If you need a hand, please just shoot us an email at pickups@glasshalffull.co.