Glass recycling pickups coming to the Northshore and Baton Rouge in 2023! Click here to sign up for the waitlist.

Monthly Pickup Fee: 3 Crates

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 Monthly Pickup Fee for 3 Crates

*You must also order the corresponding one-time setup fee. Click here to go to that product page.

- Door-to-door or curbside pickup glass recycling pickup service.
- We replace your full crate with an empty, clean one each month.
- Contactless pickup.
- Email and text message notifications before pickups.
- Each crate is 9 gallons and measures 12.5” x 12” x 22” — they hold about 35 bottles per crate.
- Pause, change, or cancel your pickups at any time - no questions asked!
- Pat yourself on the back knowing that you're making Louisiana a more sustainable place to call home.