Setup Fee: 3 Crates

Setup Fee: 3 Crates

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One-time Setup Fee for 3 Crates

You must also subscribe to the corresponding monthly or yearly fee. Click here to return to the collections page and browse products specific to your area.

- Door-to-door or curbside pickup.
- Covers onboarding and initial crate delivery
- We replace your full crates with empty, clean ones.
- Contactless pickup.
- Email and text message notifications before pickups.
- Each crate is 9 gallons and measures 12.5” x 12” x 22” — they hold about 35 bottles per crate.
- Pause, change, or cancel your pickups at any time - no questions asked.
- Pat yourself on the back knowing that you're making Louisiana and Mississippi more sustainable places to call home!

*This is a non refundable fee that includes the cost of onboarding, initial delivery of crates, damage to crates, and crate theft. Glass Half Full retains ownership of the crates and will retrieve them if/when the subscription is cancelled.